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Own Your Own American Business Brokers Office

Are you looking for a new career? Do you have a strong desire to own your own business and to help others succeed? Have you ever considered becoming a business broker or intermediary? Now you can join the American Business Brokers and begin helping buyers and sellers of businesses come together.

The financial rewards can be very lucrative. We have created a special program developed to maximize your results and performance of your new office. We have the proven tools and turnkey office development system that you need to achieve success.

The Opportunity

Currently in the US there are over 17 million privately held businesses with that number growing rapidly. The average business sells every 4.9 years which means that 20%, or 3.4 million businesses, are for sale at any one given time. What you need to understand is that the 3400 business brokers in the US cannot even begin to handle the acquisitions of all of these businesses. This leaves a tremendous opportunity for you as an American Business Broker to build a successful business.

Why are business owners selling? Businesses may be for sale for any number of reasons. Divorce, poor health, and boredom are just a few. When an owner decides to sell their business, working with a professional American Business Broker helps in many ways such as:

  • Complete audio & video training and support
  • Proprietary computer system linking all American Business Brokers offices' listings
  • The opportunity to co-broke with another American Business Brokers office and increase revenues
  • Advanced marketing technology
  • Proven brand recognition with the American Business Brokers name
  • Extensive Operations Manual & Training
  • National & International Internet Exposure
  • An existing buyer base
  • Help in pricing and valuation
  • Help with negotiations
  • Contractual help
  • Confidential marketing plan

How much do we get paid? Business brokers are typically paid 10%-12% commission with minimum fees averaging $10,000. . If you sell a business for $500,000 you will get paid a commission of $50,000 at closing when the business is sold.

Who are buying businesses? Many people are buying businesses. Many of these include first-time entrepreneurs trying to make a run at their own future, corporate executives leaving the "rat race", and people getting down-sized. Many of these people cannot find proper job placement so it is more beneficial to own their own business.

What kind of people become business brokers? American Business Brokers come from all walks of life. Internet technology professionals, medical sales reps, corporate executives, managers and more. The keys to success to become a broker are simple...Have a winning attitude and the desire to succeed.

What is day-to-day life like as a business broker? Business brokering can be very exciting. Everyday you are dealing with different businesses, different buyers and different situations. It is an excellent career if you do not enjoy staying in the same daily routine.

What kind of money can I make as a business broker? This is up to you. The harder you work, the more you can make. If you sell a business for $1,000,000 you get paid $100,000. If you have 10 brokers working for you doing do the math.

What kind of license do I need to become a business broker? In most states you do not need any license but in some states you may need to have a real estate license. American Business Brokers can help you find out if you need one in your state.

What happens to selling businesses when the economy is bad? When the economy is slow or in recession, many people are getting laid off and the jobs supply cannot handle the demand. These people must buy a business in order to support themselves and are very motivated buyers.

The need for well-trained and highly motivated Business Brokers has never been greater. If you are interested in joining one of the fastest-growing, business brokerage companies in the world, now is the perfect time to join American Business Brokers. Contact us today for more information on how you can become part of American Business Brokers.

Please contact us with any questions about buying or selling a business.

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